Fall from Grace? What's your perception? Rising from the Fall.

Dear Diary,
      Have you ever noticed that the only way for you to get back up is to revisit the site of your fall?
Life is all about perception. I chose to go with the concept of "Falling from Grace" because I've learned that "falling from Grace" usually isn't just falling at all but rather a lesson, a chance, an opportunity to rise baring all. I believe that that very fact creates an opportunity for you to,,, evolve if you may and transform into the very person you were meant to be. It's like falling unto a trampoline, given all the energy that you came down with it creates the amount needed to be able to bounce right back. I choose to look at my falls as not just a fall from grace but rather a continuing process as shown in the photograph above yes we see falling but I rise at the same time. Think about it, do you see your rise in your falls? Take a look at your life and share with us! We'd love to hear your stories and your perception on this visual concept.

                                                                                               #One Love
                                                                                                     The Diary 5140

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