Dear Diary,

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Chilling by the pool swapping stories is always a Great idea!  It's often so surreal to think about how we even got here.  I remember as a child I always dreamt of having a house with a pool and being able to go swimming whenever I wanted to, it's amazing to be here. 
: "So there's this story I'd Like to tell you about."
"I remember my mom had a friend that was a bit better off, she had a daughter and when our moms would hang out we'd be able to aswell so we had a pretty fun relationship. She was alittle older but it really didn't matter you know how girls are dolls, teddy bears, colors, glitter and your best friends lols. So one time her mom returned from her travels and my mom went over to her house to hang out and she took me with her. When we got there my friend and one of her other friends were outside playing in this inflatable pool, it was the first time I'd ever seen one in real life, I was probably like 4 and that's when I made the decision. Getting to change and go swimming and splashing with them was just the icing on the cake but my mind was already set that when I got older I'd have my own pool.  I would like really lay there and think about this lol.  I'm in transition now in my life and being able to see that come to past feels so good. I think we need those moments you know? lols thanks for listening to my story."

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