Dear Diary, We made it halfway through the year... what a blessing.

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                                                                          Sake! It's been such an amazing ride thus far and we've had the honor of coming into contact with so many amazing people and opportunities. We're ever so thankful to have made it to this point, halfway through the year? Whoaow! It may seem cliche but honestly... Boy does the time fly!  Thankyou to Our amazing team, partners and associated artists.You guys have inspired us and kept us going in so many ways. It's one thing to go through unknown circumstances in life alone but to be able to have people on the same journey as yourself, whether in the same industry or not is amazing. The rawness in all that The Diary 5140 has been able to observe and share has definitely taken it's toll onto an amazing journey. The faith is strong in everyone and to be honest I know for us all we will have an amazing end. I Love You All Thankyou! Cheers!

P.S Mikey has amazing socksssss!!!

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