Dear Diary,

     Truth be told, I had a moment of clarity when nothing else mattered but You. I never knew a moment of such utmost disconnection could preceed one's  mind within being so aware. I wanna  do so many things it's  rediculous really. I thought about life without any of my belongings and in a moment I felt an urge to get rid of them all. It all seemed so worthless, so nagging, so clutter some  and overwhelming. I questioned why I had them and what do they mean. I wondered does any of those things fix the problems in my life, do they change the mind of lives of those around me? Yes people may stare and love what I wear but what does it do for them really? I look at the world around me and everything seems to be falling apart... beheadings, civil disputes, right and wrong being misconstrued. Someone commented on the news today about the passing of the gay marriage rights saying "I don't  really care but, the world is coming to an end." And to be honest I felt like I couldn't  have agreed more. Not for anyone thing but there's  like this underlying sense of a rush of a moment of a close that I feel for something bigger than myself. It's  a bit scary when you think about it but at the same time I feel so strong in the moment. And then I think about You. You who mean the world who brings so much to life. I want to see the best for You. I want to give the world to You. I want to fulfill  my purpose to You. You. My Life is You. You are all around me. I love You.

                                     -The Diary 5140

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