Dear Diary,

So I discovered the most amazing piece of fabric. It's just so gorgeous and speaks volumes to me. I bought it because to me looking at it I can envision myself looking so amazing, somewhat like an ancient queen. I love ethnic... well prints as a whole but let's  be honest some prints just hit you in a way that's like no other.
   When I walked into the store I knew that I wanted something with a great print, something that stood out. I went through an entire pile of fabrics and upon seeing this I knew it was "the one".(Lols). I loveeeee ancient Egyptian history and this print just took me there. The pride, power, substance, beauty, intelligence and legend of it just reeked off of it.  I picked it up and decided to buy it. Now my extreme confirmation that this was a great purchase was during the payment process. The man selling was pretty friendly and agreed to a buisness relationship with me, we exchanged names etc and after we shook hands I turned to the African man that worked in the store as well and did the same, shake hands and exchanged names. His name was so beautiful and a classic African name. I admired the way he said it with such pride and smiled after the jewish man repeated it after him in the same way. I looked at them both and could tell that they had an amazing relationship. From the little that was displayed it didn't seem to be a mere worker employer relationship but a true friendship, a true connection and I felt so proud to have experienced and be apart of it. They then proceeded to inform me that the fabric I was purchasing was indeed from Africa, :DI mean what better way to convey ancient Egyptian royalty than with genuine African fabric? This was by far one of the best pick ups and experiences ever! I cant wait to show you guys the end results and of course our shoot!
Thank You guys!

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