Dear Diary,

Goodmorning :) . I feel so wonderful to be in this season of life. I was just thinking it's so funny when I think about what I'm doing now and how my idea for my life/career has changed so subtly but yet still remains the same.  I wanted to be a designer but knew that for some reason I couldn't stay away from modeling, photography, or any of the other arts. I'd always get sucked right in and end up doing them aswell or by some chance end up being needed to.  For a while it really confused me as to which way to go? Or merely what should I do? I felt overwhelmed and honestly yes just seriously confused (lols).  I'd keep hearing that little notion the world passes around that 'you should just do one thing just get a good job and that's it until you die. For me it just made things awful because I couldn't just choose one. Yes I love designing but I also love styling, and just overall making people look and feel good or yes I love modeling but I also love capturing people in the moment and generating a look and feel to be shared.  I ended up making the decision to just focus mainly on the designing aspect of things though and honestly when I realized that even within that I'd revert and have to do all other arts aswell I just took a step back and then rolled with it.  Now I'm running this documentation of my life and the life of other's and everything has finally come into place and full circle as to why and how I can utilize all of my gifts, talents and interests, and to be honest life couldn't have been more freeing (most importantly less confusing).  It's funny to say this but honestly to me the old cliche 'time tells all' really was and is the defining moment in my life and I couldn't have agreed more.

Moral of this post... It doesn't matter if you want to be a doctor and a photographer or even a garbage woman and a model all that matters is that you live this life doing the very things that you'd love to do and enjoy them.  You are not bound by any one career choice and so why not explore the things that you love? Respect and take time to think about yourself, the things that move you and all the many parts of it.  Give yourself a chance to soak it all in and you never know what you may come up with or even create, hey I came up with The Diary 5140 lols. Take the time no rush and see whats lying inside waiting for you.

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