Dear Diary,

"I can focus on what has happened to me or I can make sure that I'm prepared for what lies ahead. I survived the storms, the tests the trials.  I WANT WHAT'S MINE!"                                                                                     -Paris Jaél

Moe say's, that comeback is gonna be real... "How do you feel physically and emotionally??Your a strong woman Jaél... Don't forget to write about it...You know your an amazing guurl ask Ace..."  She didn't even know that that's what my mind had been on everyday since... MY COMEBACK, Emphasis on MY. for everytime I've been haunted by the thoughts of all the things I can't do or am not doing at the time all I could swing with was the thoughts of all the things I will do.  I'm not afraid I know it'll all be worth it in the end of this season and if it's not I'll just back up and get at it again. #FaithWarrior 

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