Dear Diary,

Tbh this injury has been a blessing in it's own right...  

       I mean, sometimes we do need these moments to just sit back and hold us down.  They show us just how much we want things to be different, things to change, and to confirm the already known fact that we may have of knowing exactly what it is we want to do in our lives.  There's something about not having the very things that we desire or not being able to do the things in which we wish to do that just make us yearn for them so much more.  I've had alot of derailment moments and alot of lessons in patience but this one takes the cake of irony, it just come out of left field entirely.
     I had everything planned out on the day that this occurred and even for the month ahead. Everything was a part of my sure fire plan to success. I left no room for adjustments, even the breaks I scheduled for myself were for but so long (I really wanted/want this).  I'd just returned back from my visit home for New York Fashion Week and was finally sharing content on social media etc of my trip feeling so ready and excited to launch and share everything that I'd been up to.  Out of no where in the wee hours of the morning, during the crisp start of the day, only an hour or so into October 1st my entire plan of "the first to the first" (pre-hearing Future and Drake say it in Digital Dash) was snatched and tossed away.  There was nothing that could've prepared me for just how much my life would be changed.   

 God has the ultimate end... #Trust                                                                                                   

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