Dear Diary,

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Being able to live out your dreams is one heck of a thing! I can't lie both last year and even this year has been such a  blessing to me! I know, how can it be a blessing if I broke my foot right after fashion wee, haven't been able to go anywhere really since, probably left the house about maybe 20 something times if that much and 90% being doctor related, oh yea and I still can't walk... I know, I know lols there's such a laundry list of things wrong but oh the things that are right! I am so lucky to have my sewing foot not be affected by my injury so I can sew every now and then and also I have so much that I am dabbling in and am seeing come to life. There's been so many things I've been praying about that I'm actually seeing come through and so many prayers being answered. To many it's not there but to me it's everywhere, all around me are blessings and what doesn't look like much I see where the stairs lead to and had been praying to find a way out of the corridor and to the staircase for the longest so I'm happy to be well on my way.  I love being able to share my journey with you, and to those writing me via email, etc thankyou for your kind words and hopefilled wishes they are well appreciated. God I thankyou for the blessings.

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