Dear Diary

Piece from The Neon Collection by The Diary 5140
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When I first came up with this concept, I was on the search for something that would help me be able to conquer the problems of wanting to dress up, but also wanting be comfortable. I wanted to make something realistic without being blahhh. I've heard the phrase thrown around a few times that there is no comfort in looking "snatched" but in my eyes that couldn't be! See for me I wanna be "snatched" but I have to be able to enjoy that snatching. What good is it for me to look one thousand but I'm not able to enjoy myself and in turn I feel zero below. I came up with this design for US real girls/women, boys/men. For those of us that believe in having your cake and eating it to. I mean what's the point in having the... You know what, I digress... You get my point. I believe that we all need a go to statement piece such as my vests to be played with and bring a certain character to every style.. You can dress them up, you can dress them down, you can wear them as a gown it's all versatile and up to you. And to you my ladies, guys this won't affect you so much but for us this is a garment that you don't have to suck in, suck out or ever worry about things falling out of place.. The vests completely conform to any way you'd like for it to be on your body at the time and leave space not to worry if you can only have a salad on that dinner date or not (makes life so much easier!). As I said I wanted something realistic yet effortlessly chic and I'm proud to have created this The Vest.. I hope you enjoy and send me photos of all the ways you've rocked your vests aswell.
                                                                                                                          Love Always,
                                                                                  Paris Jaél

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