Dear Diary, I...

I am so proud to be apart of this generation. To be a woman, to be a black woman, in a time like this. To see our culture, our faces, our ideals brought to light even-though due to other forces I am still so happy to be alive at a time like this. To Beyonce I am happy to have someone like you represent voices that are so unheard. She brought to light issues that so many knew existed but yet for so many years people have remained hushed about. The fear of loosing power, wealth, and influence had drawn so many to turn a blind eye to the very things that affected them themselves.  She isn't the only one to do so but she is the only one to do so and stand up to everything received and at such a caliber as hers.  How brave a soul she must be to bare her heart, soul and mind to us... her sisters.  While writing this I am slightly being brought to tears to think of the many things that are now acceptable that I and those like me have been ridiculed for... Thankyou. Thankyou for being vulnerable in your relationship, your mind and your social standings. There isn't much more for me to say on this matter but, I am grateful to be apart of a generation such as this.

                                                                                                                                        -Paris Jaél
                                                                                                                                        The Diary 5140

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