Dear Diary,

I've been trying to get myself on a better schedule as of late. It's been seven months since my injury and with still being in recovery yet being in a better place to be "normal" again is a bit trying. It's a bit conflicting trying to find a balance between doing nothing, a little and too much when internally your over the "sit down, elevate, and ice" aspect of it all. I'm ready to move ahead but it is challenging. This month I'm going to be doing a lot of that and yea I'll share it with you guys, perhaps you can share some insight with me aswell! My goals for this month are to practice better sleep, gym, time and focus habits. My thoughts are that if I get those down packed this month, it'll help me to get into the habit of things and then I'd be able to make them permanent improvements.
One thing I'm definitely going to have to get together is my sleep patterns though because, I have none and that's the worst possible thing right now. The only good thing I can say is that on random sleepless times as these I can get
creative and get some work done but in the end its never really worth it because by 10/11 I'm already tired again.

***NOTE to SELF: Let's make tonight, well morning be the last of its kind. "You need your rest to be your best." -Paris Jael (👈 cheesy? I know😂)

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