Dear Diary, I...

I pray prayers that I dare not say because I feel as-though they're so fragile, that even the faintest
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whisper may give them away. I've developed such a bond with all that is me, that it seems so hard to entertain certain people and situations in this season of life...yet I keep coming into contact with people that challenge my very existence and my moral ambiguity on life.  The act of forgiveness is such a repetitive mode. Will it ever get more easy? Will things ever change and open up to be clear? Those are the questions to the answers that plague my head but in retrospect I am not plagued at all. To posses a positive mind one so strong takes so much strength. so much courage that the answers linger without a question to be found. It sets you up to always be prepared and have your guards up only forcing you to get stronger in learning when to put them down. I say all this as a ventilation of my mind but in all conclusion it takes alot to be me, and in this season and time.

                                                                    - Paris Jaél

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