Dear Diary, On th...

On this very day, one year ago, at this very moment I slipped and broke my fibula, tore my ligament and had to have 6 nails and a metal plate inserted into my left leg. It'sso interesting to me that I'm up at this time. I honestly hadn't even realized it was that time already, I knew that I said weeks, to a month ago that I wanted to celebrate it etc but I didn't realize it was HERE! I'm happy to have brought in my anniversary with some teaching and well just pure devotion from Uncle Jakes (T.D. Jakes (my spiritual uncle to me lols he seriously feels like family when he talks, to me anyways)). The sermon I'm watching is 'The Lord is your vindicator-Stand back and let God handle it for you!' On Youtube. Be sure to check it out it was really good, as per usual. I am honored to have accompanied this moment with God in my heart, mind, body, and soul and live in my home with teaching and direction from the pastor himself. God has done so many amazing things for me this year and I am truly blessed and so truly grateful that I survived it all. God, I am so grateful to you for keeping me whole, for blessing me, and for protecting me, thankyou for looking over and guarding me, your child, Paris Jaél, I love you.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO ME, HAPPY THANKSGIVING.😍😍😍😆🙌🙏 Thankyou God, You are wonderful to me.

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