Dear Diary, Be...

   Being reflective,  I just wanna say how grateful I am and joyous in this moment. this weekend a year ago I was totally going through it. That October, October 15th to be exact, I had my corrective surgery on my fractured, left foot. Boy was that an experience! They placed a metal plate with 6 nails in and I was off the mends of working for a while. It's funny to think that it's only been months since I've learn to walk again, it seems like such an odd thing to say or to be a reality for someone you know. Like... really? You just started walking? You just learnt to walk? ... At 26? lols
It's funny how life goes. I was transformed in such a short time from a woman on the verge of "Her Destiny" to my knowledge, to being knocked down a few sizes to feeling like a child needing help with everything from moving around, getting food, bathing,... boy oh boy was that a time. I don't think I'll ever forget that moment in life or the moments that lead up to it. To say the physical was a reflection is an understatement but in all honesty it was.
   I feel as-though I wouldn't have been able to come into this season or be who I was meant to or even who I am right now if this hadn't happened to me. Oddly enough, it served it's purpose, and for that I'm grateful. Grateful to have gone through and to have overcame,


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