Dear Diary, up...

bag I created tonight.
Up late, came up with this concept for a bag. Felt super inspired today and I'm so happy to have gotten a good amount of things done, or at least started. I'vebeen preparing myself mentally, physically, and emotionally for all of the changes to come. I know that it'll bring a slight rush on things at first, due to how much of a change things will be, but at the same time, it'll be to great of a game changer to make things upset. I know now thoigh though that I ha e to put this system in place so that I don't loose track of what's important to me and what I truly want to accomplish the more things are added on...It's so easy to do so.
   I created this bag and I am so proud of it. We have some test runs to make on it between tonight and this weekend but so far its been doing really good! I've wanted to create a fringe back for about the past 2/3 years now so getting the idea and means to finally do it is such a blessing.  The possibilities of colors I can comprehend are astounding and I cannot wait to do my orange and red one, I've been so into those colors as of late. Those two are gonna look so epic with the new fur scarf I intend on creating :) . Life is great and I have so much ideas to share, I hope you like... shoot me a message or email letting me know your thoughts on the new bag, I can't wait to hear you all!

Xoxo Paris Jaél

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