Dear Diary, Doe...

    Doesn't it suck when you get sidetracked and stuck in a rutt? 😩. I got a bit sidetracked and distracted for a few days but I'm so happy that it didn't last to long. I have so much instire and plans that need my careful attention so I am so grateful of the mindset and well knowledge that I've really earned throughout the years to not be stuck in that. I remember I used to get so drained and stressed sometimes when that wiuld happen to me. It always bothered me yes that I got distracted but mostly at how much time had went by and was feasibly stollen by empty distractions, boy! If I could use this face 😩a thousand times to that I would lols. I would even find myself getting bummed that I was bummed about the time lost on the distractions and well.... yeah... lols.
 Hey to live is to learn right? So lets toast to the days of being aware of all distractions, flaws and not getting bummed about our mistakes and mame the best of our lives and seize the day!!! Here's to US🙌✌💜.

By the way, here's a sneak at one of our new shoots, hope you enjoy my shot 😊.
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