Dear Diary, Happy Birthday Marines!!!

Happy Birthday to the United states Marine Corps!!!!
In honor of November 10, We'd like to do a flash back of one of our Marine Corps Ball past... Semper Fi!

 Every ball started with a sketch, a thought, and a whole lot of vintage :). I always loved using this time to play vintage dress up and would make a dress that both complimented the Naval Uniform and also was Pin up'esk. I mean it's like the only time you'd really get to go all out and do something like this... so why not? lols Best believe, I most definitely took full advantage! Here are my sketches from 11/9/2013 2013 Marine Corps Ball!


I'm Pretty sure that I don't even have to say what these pics are about... lols We all know what happens sometimes when you ask someone to take your photo right? smhI'm glad that atleast I got a few good ones in tho lols thankyou so much camera man! muah:*

    Gown Designed and Created by TheDiary5140, 2013

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