Dear Diary, WE MADE IT!

         Look how far we've come together! an entire year full of stories and new beginnings. I bet there were so many things that you'll be walking away with this year that you never experienced before and some you never thought you would. For it all I'd like for you to keep it. Keep all the good, the bad and the ugly, and remind yourself that if these things that we're both beyond and in my control can happen to me, then what lies ahead is entirely the same.
  Remind yourself that you can make, "Good choices, You are never alone" and are fully capable of having and leading the life you so desire. Think about it! If you can go through a year like this you can more than go through and survive a year that lies ahead. Remember to always be positive, turn every situation into a positive one, into a learning one.

Allow yourself the opportunity to grow/learn but always stop t take the time to enjoy and appreciate where you're at and where you came from. it can be the most detrimental thing to never take time for you and reflect/look back. Know that all is well, and it will always be well and let 2017 be the best year you've ever had no matter what because if for no reason else, it's the only 2017 you'll ever have and the only time you'll ever get to experience it, so make it count for something.

                                                                           XoXo, Paris Jaél

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