Dear Diary, It was alwa...

It was always my dream, I know not about anyone else's but it was mine, it is mine. I see so many moments that I almost lost it all... well atleaste it felt that way, yet I've found myself overcoming in one way or another. I have flashbacks of so many moments in my life and now I feel as though I see and remember so many distinctive smells, and memories so clearly. I often keep them to my self and just rest in them, enjoying them, realizing them, and just being grateful that I survived them. I was always told that I was different by my friends but I never knew what it truly was or understood what it would really mean. I knew I'd get told, "Only Paris" or know that I'd do certain things or think about certain things differently than most but, it wasn't until now that I understood that, I am truly different and that there is a significant plan for my life... and I am grateful.

        With this 'Cabin Fever' Selection and the shoots to come I will unravel the parts of me I've known and those to be found. I am grateful for this life, my life and look and behold all of the creations that is me.  Shop my Look Here.

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