Dear Diary,

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      My grandmother taught me alot of things growing up, but one thing that has always stuck with me was about Time. She taught me the wonderful little phrase, "There is a time for everything", a time for work, a time to play, and a time to embrace change. I am so grateful to have learnt and be practicing embracing change.
                                              So often we want change, we seek change, but when it presents itself, sometimes we are so taken back by the shock value that it can bring that we unintentionally sabotage the entire existence of it. We as human beings can be so destructive sometimes. As this season of change approaches and well is here, I am grateful that I have some company. Company in the weather, the plants, the trees, the atmosphere, I am grateful for all the transition for the change in the atmosphere. And I am grateful for all of you, walking the journey as well, let us not be weary but keep going in the change granted to us seeing that the future is near.

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