Dear Diary,

 I just had an epiphany!

Let me back up just a sec.... This morning I spent the vast of the time in the ER. I came home at 11 and have been just in wraps of the ordeal ever since. I am faithful and have overcame my condition before, so I know that I'll be a ok, but... it doesn't mean that it won't try to and well take it's toll on me. After all day dealing with doctors, my mother and then tryna pack it just hit me! I believe that the reason why this is happening to me right now is to teach me how to handle success and life's storms simultaneously.  You see, up until now I've been able to go through them in separate seasons, but this is the first time they are both on new terms, new levels and with new dynamics for them both all at the same time!  I believe that God is granting me a way to learn how to handle the two without forfeiting either sides because they both hold such importance and they both hold keys to the very life of me.

I am humbly grateful to have walked into this challenge and to this season because I know that when there is no way, it's usually showtime🤗 for God to make a way, and it's always ever so grand!
I great my adversity not in the flesh but in the spirit, ready to fight, and eventhough I am not the greatest fan of sleeping(my sleeping schedule is truly inconsistent😩) I am prepared to be a ok and on my way! My health, my life, my business my love, my all is connected so I am committed to make all necessary changes needed for the greater good.

CHALLENGE! You have met your match. I will get through this!!!😎🙏💪 This is TheDiary5140.

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