Dear Diary,

   Guys I have been working aimlessly on perfecting the right bathing suite. I have been going over this piece time and time again all week and I am so proud to say that today... Yes! Today! Today will be the day that I complete it. I declare it in Jesus' name amen! lols

     It's been such a rollercoaster of a thing. Sometimes I've gotten soooooo close, and others idek what the hay happened! I never give up though, even if I need to take a break, recalibrate myself and come back, I do. I know that it is better for me to try and try again with a well heart than to go on in haste, confusion and chaos or to just giveup and never try again.

                                                       ...Ok, about to wrap up this little lunch break now, I'll give you guys the update later WHEN I'M DONE! (I'm so serious about my declaration earlier lols.)

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