Dear Diary,

So part of the reason for my "delayed"  swimsuit was this. I received it with a stain, uhhh. I was a tad bummed about it and contacted the company but the colors were so beautiful. I am awaiting their resolution to the problem but I must say their timing and the quality of their products were exquisite.  Don't you just hate that, something is off but at the same time your so in love with it that your just wayyyy to dreamy eyed to give it a bad rep. Part of you want to so so so bad but you just can't even bare to say a thing bad about it.  ...That my dear friends is called forgiveness and a sure sign of maturity. To know when to react and when not to react is of utter wisdom. It keep one level headed and keeps away so much clutter of negative feelings and emotions all the same.  Do not feel moved by wanting to be moved but choose peace, choose peace everytime, weigh out your battles and forgive move on.  Hey how else would I have been able to make my swimsuit? I would've been still stuck complaining and listing all the reasons why I could'n't have made my piece. I didn't I chose not to, because I felt it wasn't worth my time and surely not worth my energy. Do the same in this life, forgiveness is free and soooo rewarding, you owe it to yourself to mature, I mean you body sure does doesn't it? So why shouldn't you to? think about and let me know, What things have you matured in? And have you practiced forgiveness with anyone or thing lately? 

I look forward to reading your comments! 
Xoxo Paris Jael

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