Dear Diary,

I've been blessed and honored to have such a beautiful arrangement of friends in my lifetime. People of whom have met and known me in different seasons of my life. The beautiful beings that I've had the ability to touch and be touched by have shown me life in such ways that I could never have understand, without them.  I am grateful for being openminded and not being locked out of various circles that have taught and influenced me so much and has caused such diverse friendships. To me that is something that I'll forever treasure.

    What can be said about my dear friend that came out to Virginia to visit me? Everything! Dispite anything I am grateful she let me shoot her first! Thanks beau!!! Also I have yet to meet another with an as diversed shoe collection as this doll.  Our time together running the streets of New York was short but so sweet. We never had a dull moment and time, I mean even our one sour moment was still stained with a great time lols. As life goes things happen but it's never been anything that has ever made me see this doll anything other than the beautiful, sassy, funny, genius, Shoe Slayer that she is! And I love that.  To watch her accomplish all of her goals is an honor to me and I hope that she still no matter what age keeps an impeccable collection at all times, it's a must!

My darling doll, know that you are loved and admired, know that you hands down have one of the, if not the best shoe collections I had ever seen. I love your creativity, and your spark, you got it girl! lols

                                                                                           Paris Jaél 💋

Zebra Print Bandeau by TheDiary5140.

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