Dear Diary,

It's been a pleasure for me to have created these necklaces. I've always loved chockers and the metalic ones just add such a touch of elegance and chic to me.  There's been so many changes in life and I'm finally getting a strong flow going so for pieces like these to come from that flow feels amazing! It makes me see that the time eventhough it may seem like a long time or out of time for things to happen, that it's actually right one time!  I'm so happy to have learnt, and to be learning all of these things. My patience levels are so on fleek lols.  Well... I'm getting ready to head out today to do the People's Market (can't wait!) and also have runs at Plato's Closet and sewing before we go so wish us all the best guys! I'll be posting again soon.

***All pieces will be available online shortly. Until then Email for all Inquiries, Thankyou!*** 

Xoxo, Paris Jaél 💋

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