Dear Diary,

Now that I am aware of my power and my strong holds, it is my turn to write the destiny that is set before me, and I am so beyond ready for it.

"I've been Rollin' with God so I'm in good graces."

   'Leaving the Hospital'

Today I found out that I no longer have bloodclotts and can go on and be normal to live my life. I am honored to be in this moment. I thank God, my husband, my family and friends for being with me on this journey, the kind words etc. And I am truly grateful to be here. God is awesome! I've learned more about myself in the fave of death and adversity than I would have ever learnt is I was being complacent and safe. Thanks for rocking with me guys, I love you! 

       Xoxo Paris Jaél💋
       Issa celebration!

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