Dear Diary, Fall is here!

Welcome to Autumn/Winter 2017-18 with TheDiary5140.

   Beginning with an intro to this season, we'd like to entice you with the first inserts of our limited pieces. Shop these elegantly classy, yet comfortably, soft, unisex crewnecks. Each has been detailed with reinforced stitching and a hand sewn 100% suede (cow hide) patch on each sleeve.  These patches have been hand sewn with a complimentary burgundy thread by designer Paris Jaél for an accented, subtle, pop of color. With a sweatshirt outer and baby soft fleece interior, this will be your go to sweater of the season. 

                                                 Shop our introductory price of just                                      $49.95 Chick "Shop." below.
                                   (Enjoy Free Shipping and Handling, (...Yes,                                      you read that right) Free Shipping and                                            Handling on Us with Every Purchase! Just type                              your Name and Address at time of purchase,                                             along with an email that we may contact you.                                                           








Please allow 7-10 business days to recieve each order, as this is a handmade item, Thankyou!

Available Sizes: 
Oatmeal L
Stealth L
Hunter M, L
Maroon L

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