Dear Diary,

Sometimes living in your destiny and purpose can feel burdensome when you get there. It doesn't feel like a grand parade. It is for this reason amongst many others that we must learn the importance of understanding our feelings.

  You see, our feelings often take us to different realms of our mind. We can be perfectly happy in one instance and for no sheer reason just become mellow, or down all at the same time. We must learn to learn ourselves so that we are aware of our feelings, of when they switch and of why they are switching.
   I often find that when I am not rested I go through these phases more often. I've learned to not force myself into a frantic rush on my destiny at these times because more than often it ends up making me feel frustrated, low and have an overwhelming feeling of criticism and pressure towards myself. I start second guessing things that I know I've given my all to to see if there was anyway that it could've been better, faster, or did I even do the right thing at all? It takes away from all the hard work and accomplishments of the time and just throws a damper on everything we've just achieved.

             "I challenge you to rest." 

    I challenge you to rest. To take a step back, do something that you like for a short time. Take a nap if you must, but do something that would allow you to rest, relax and take your mind off of everything for a moment in time. Thinking nothing of anything at all,
not the business, not school, not your workout or food, nothing just you, that moment and enjoying whatsoever you decide to do (I put on a favorite show and cover with my favorite blanket, in my favorite pjs.). After you have done this for a while gradually let yourself mentally slip back into productive mode, do not rush and alarm yourself about everything you are now getting back into but one by one go into finishing your tasks and you will find it to be that more fullfilling than trying to tackle it before.
    People say all the time "team no sleep" etc., on social media and though at certain times the sacrifice is needed it doesn't account for the mundane natural order of things. You need rest for your body, mind and soul to perform accordingly, even God rested. We are not our best selves when we are tired and stressed out. Do not let social media pressure you into a lifestyle that causes your stress and lack but do be gentle, diligent and kind with yourself, allowing yourself moments to step back and detach from it all. Rest. The tasks will always be there, your destiny will always be your destiny to behold. Maintain a mental health that is all your own and remember you are not alone in this race, but as all good runners know a great pace is what helps you to achieve victory in this race so keep it. Keep your flow and keep going in your own way. You only fail of you give up. Stop when you need to, rehydrate and break when you need to and always get right back to it. You were created for such a time as this. As I now myself, get back to my destiny from my wrapped up break I want you to know that I am praying for you, wishing you nothing but the best and much success. I look forward to hearing from you all and know that you will not fall.

                                  Happy Holidays!
                                              Xoxo Paris Jaél💋

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