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  One's a party, Three's a crowd!

Woahhh! 🤔Wrong season. I don' know why when I thought to start this off with, "Hey my beautiful people" my brain said, "Hi my pretty! (Hocus Pocus with voice)", like what!? 😂. My brain is setup like that🤷🏾‍♀️lols anywho, Hello all and omgeesh we're on track to ending the year anddddd bringing in the holidayyyssss!
   I'm so excited! This is my favorite time of year I love everything about Christmas, it such an amazing time to my faith, for family, and people truly are in good cheer, it's amazing!
Of course though as a designer I can' talk about this time without getting into the stitches. I love the over the top glam that people don' seem to be afraid of at this time. They let themselves dazzle, sparkle and shine. The men are clean, the women are glistening and everyone's cheerful about them.

   A part of me wants to contribute the dressing of this season to the mood of it all. I've learnt and found out throughout the years that when people feel good, they dress good, they look good and that no matter what they wear there's an aura of happy about them. People tend to be more open minded, more open to new opportunities and well hey, that does leave room for the occasional Christmas miracle now doesn't it?
I'd like to challenge you all to this, take a second and absorb all that you feel in the atmosphere right now. Go to a store that sells holiday decor, listen to Christmas music openly and without any other thoughts, or go to the mall and just sit for a second and take in all that is around you. Take in the way that people are treating Each other, the sales that stores are having allowing you to get those gifts that under other circumstances you wouldn't be able to afford for everyone, take in how happy, or just at peace and cheerful you are and I want you to remember that feeling for the rest of your life, not just on the holidays. You see, it's a great thing to me to know that you guys are alright during the holidays, but what good is it to be happy momentarily and suffering or feeling so low all the other days? Yes it is the holidays but it is another day, a Monday, a Tuesday. People can be kind any day and so can you, people can be happy any day and so can you. Please take your today of the holidays with you everywhere and into every aspect of your life, spread a lifetime of cheer and remember how you felt sitting there, seeing there, or just listening to the music, watching the tree, or even just spending time with your family. Create those moments and keep it with you always, it will will give everything that you need!

Happy 9 days of Christmas my loves, we love you.

                 the diary of an Artist.

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