Dear Diary,

Stand tall and know that God is here.
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There's something sensational that happens when Style meets grace.

     Today I am writing from my hotel room, the light is dim and I can't help but to feel grateful for everything and all that has happened.  There are thoughts of embarrassment that wants to pop up as I think about the task at hand for today, but I choose not to be. It's funny that at its end we are tempted to feel shame for our story.  I rebuke that entirely! (In Jesus name Amen). I instead am reminded of normal, how normal it is to go through and to remember that everyone has their good and their bad days so honestly there's nothing that anyone can do or say that would really be that detrimental to you... Life goes on.
         It's funny that on the road to and well while being successful we function in such oxymorons in our lives,  things that don't make sense to most can occur. I questioned a few days ago, how can we be faced with extreme highs and extreme lows all at once? How can we be achieving our goals And then some And losing in others at a time?... And then I remembered it was those extreme lows that created those extreme highs.  It's not to say that you aren't already humble at heart but it makes you all the more more humble, all the more wise,  compassionate,  and worth the victories in the end. It creats a plateau for tou ro reach and supersede any and all limitations or expectations tou ever had for tour life because I guess survivinf rhe debt makes you more courageous because you know what's here. I will never forget the ordeals in which I am currently going through but in my mind I hear the question,
             "Without it, do you believe that you'd be a better you?"... 
                   đŸ¤”Something to think about as we all ride                      through life's storms.

At this point I'm just grateful to be here, look at all the great things I've done! Circumstances may change but may your hustle, strength and resilience remain the same.

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