Dear Diary,

"Sometimes you can have the best of intentions and just miss the mark...and it's ok."
               It's ok to miss the mark sometimes so long as you recognize what is going on with you, take the time that you need to step away for a second, then come back harder, stronger, faster or just at the pace you need to.  Don't ever think that you are a failure for wanting to slow down or getting your mind right on the things that matter to you. I've learned that it infact propels me to new and better heights when assessed correctly. 

This past week I've had to just disconnect for a second. There was so much pressure on me. Pressure to do good, pressure to achieve so much, pressure to help those that believed and sacrificed for me and then there was just me. It made me wanna just crawl up in a ball and do nothing because it felt as though everything that I'd do was so strict, so harsh and had so much riding on it that I was even fearful at times to do anything at all just because I didn't wanna disappoint or fail at what I did. Smh! What a thought process huh? Well it robbed me of some time for sure fighting the thoughts to be positive then overcoming it and correcting my own mindset to do what it is that I wanted to do. I took a step back, even deleted Instagram, turned off my phone and just focused on my world infront of me for a second. I had to remind myself that I wasn't in this alone. I have God, Myself, My husband and all those that love me and wish me well. I also have divine destiny and fate that will happen in it's own predestined time regardless so what good is it that I fret over things?  

It can be so easy to slip into one of these life moments but it's good to have learnt about them so that getting stuck doesn't have to last as long or at times doesn't even happen!  It tends to show up when things are off balanced in your life though, I believe it is one of the best alarms.  Overachieving or just achieving can be so great, but what good is it if you loose your way and aren't doing it for the right reasons and only for the things that you are "trying to fix"?  I didn't like going through it but I'm glad that I did, it reminded me of what I wanted to do, why I am doing it and took the pressure of everyone else and all the noise that comes with that off of me. I got to just tune back into my life's journey, my time, my accomplishments and my aspirations. What a freedom to be back to me, now with my focus I can accomplish it all and then in-turn be an asset to those around me just by perfecting ME.  

I hope my sharing inspires you and that you aren't left feeling defeated in these moments of life. May you be blessed, disconnect when you need to, get an ample amount of rest and just focus. You can't help anyone if you can't help yourself so be mindful but also don't be hesitant to to be helped, you don't have to go it alone.... ok this really wasn't meant to be to long of a post but... here we are lols. I hope that March has been kind to you all thus far.

                                                                          XoXo , Paris Ja'el

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