Need a Stylist?

Whether for a Lunch date or a Prom date. Wedding to an Award Show we've got the thing for you.
Contact us via tellinv us your needs and which Style Package best suits you to book us for your next date Today!

We offer:
Package A) Clothing rental with a digital style assessent and look creation. Your personal Stylist and Designer will create your next exquist look and all you have to do is tell us what you'd like, fill out our size chart and pick it up!

Package B) Clothing rental with hands on pick up, Styling service before leaving for event. Your personal Stylist and Designer will personally put together your look which you will then meet at our scheduled time and location, get styled and dressed just before leaving to go to your next event.

Package C) Clothing rental with on site Stylist. Have  your stylist and personal designer on site with you as you get ready for your next big event! Your personal Stylist and Designer will be hands on getting you dressed and making sure everything goes smoothly as you get ready to Shoot, Perform, Act, dance, you name it! We'll be right there with you along the way.

Book us now! Style packages starting from as little as $75 with dry clean included! Book TheDiary5140 for all of your Styling needs today.
(Clients are responsible and will be required to make full payment for all damages to products and will be held accountable for all theft, losses, damages and everything that may occur that may cause the destruction, alteration or disappearance of all products.)

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Dear Diary,


Dear Diary,